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Seamless Productivity Tracking

Dashboard access with no licensing or support fee for the first year.

Track and Discover Productivity Gaps in Your

Healthcare Organization During COVID-19

Hospitals are experiencing unforeseen productivity strains on an already over-burdened health system. A recent PwC study noted, “42% of CFO respondents were concerned about workforce productivity.”

The Boston Productivity Dashboard provides actionable information to identify problems in real-time. Once problems are uncovered, it's easy to prioritize what needs to be addressed. Dashboard deployment is complete in 7-10 days, with no licensing or support cost for the 1st year.

We are here to help as part of America's vibrant healthcare community. Our dashboard provides actionable information to view and trend revenue cycle productivity and address issues in real-time.

  • Analyze and trend billing code productivity.
  • Drill-down into group or departmental metrics.
  • More effectively manage staff working remotely.

Adapt Quickly to Revenue Cycle Changes

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